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6 (not so) easy pieces $99.99 ! NEW !
Lasting about 35 minutes, premiere on 13th of November 2011


1) "Words of the day" (daily rechi) - description - linguistic .Banalne buzzwords that can be registered in the urban bustle of noise also become the subject of banal compositional postupka.Izvodjachi samplers that are alive with music correspondent fragments of material sound but the picture of senseless urban living the language.

2) "Hardwere Agnostic" Description - Group "Secondhanders" in his work is often used dosadashnjem composition "In The Theater," Philip Glass as a ma (n) trick in the form of the interpolated muzichki different facilities.

3) Homeopathic Sonatina - compositions by Brian Eno's "Belgium Drop" with co-authorship of Tanja Milosevic used the homeopathic principle, which implies the extreme dilution one drop (drop) the drug in 1 000 billion parts of water-("dissolution of the sound drops space soul "). the text is composed of the names of homeopathic medicines and a quote from Dylan's famous song

4) "Draftwerk" draft - acoustic composition made ​​up of "Pianissimo" Peteris Vasks's bass motifs from overtures "Coriolanus" LVBeethoven, Shubertovog second paragraph of the string quartet "Death and the Maiden", Mozart's solo songs lyrics of "A Tree poisen" and "Fly" a W.Blake.

5) Strong and Wrong - description-composition Dragan S. Jovanovic ... to 3 / 4 ... "is carried out swiftly and without connection. (Pre) irritated izvodjachka agility ironic and provocative article on the modern musical culminating in playing soundlessly, thus alludes to the composition" Con Voce "Mauricio Kagel.

6) Madopares and Jupreniles - title of the song is derived from the name of two drugs for Parkinson lechenje bolesti.U performed using an instrument and Shtakalina Mbira. Shtakalina is an instrument made ​​of shtake which serves as a support when walking.

Poster   Lyrics - "Strong and Wrong"

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Play for Music $18.99 ! SALE !
Lasting about 50 minutes, premiere on 30th of June 2009
Band Secondhanders performs and resells slightly used (second-hand) music of music of well known authors, packed and ready made under title “IT FROM BITS”. The music consists of parts or integral versions of well known compositions and verses of anthology value that gives these pieces seriousness. Adding more or less successful non-standard music content, necessary communication value is achieved, enabling sale and quick income. ......
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Der müde Tod, Fritz Lang – music for a silent movie $4.99 used
Lasting 77 minutes, premiere on 19th of May 2010
In a lack of inspiration as well as necessary knowledge for this kind of production, trio Secondhanders grasped for already used materials of the band Secondhanders, as well as for plethora of pell-mell music material. Due to lack of time and natural born lazzyness, members of the trio interpolated the gathered material with a variable success, by the principle “first solution-best solution”. ....
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Patchwork $0.89 used
Lasting about 50 minutes, premiere on 8th of June 2010
Besides the „Play for Music“ and the project of active giving sound background and follow-up to silent movie „Tired Death“ by Fritz Lang, „Patchwork“ is the third project of the Secondhanders band. Members of smaller line-up are: Nebojša Ignjatović – piano, vocal, flute, mbira, guitar; Julijana Marković – viloncello, vocal and Aleksandra Stanić – violla, vocal
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Gentle, Gentle, Gentlier $99.99 ! NEW !
Lasting about 50 minutes, preview on 25th of December 2010
Concert – play of DAH Theatre deals with the theme of nostalgy and its impact over the cultural scene in former Yugoslav space. Using the form of concert as well as the musical heritage of the area that used to be a joint cultural space, the possibility of existence of one cultural space, not bordered by geographical and historical determinants but made of immeasurable sharing of one common phantasm about the best country in the world.....
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Vexations $ xxx never used
Lasting about 30 minutes
The "irritation" was conceived on the idea of ​​composer Branka Popovic, held September 2012th in the Home "Studentski grad". The project is related to the composition "Vexations" by Erik Satie, and that for this opportunity shaped by three - or a group of musicians in their own way.This project included visual and video artists who are on their way to follow the principles of construction and poetics of composition "Vexations "Erik Satie. Secondhanders Group will be one of the participants in this project.
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